Pinoy Mirror is a photo blog site tagged as "Reflecting Filipino Image". Contents herein are owned, given and photographed by the author of Pinoy Mirror. It is then so-called Pinoy Mirror because of the idea on reflecting the image of Pinoy through every story behind pictures - it mirrors up such Filipino way. Why MIRROR alone? Well, it's a SINGLE site reflection of photos.[not MIRRORS - not my kind]

It is a dynamic blog site wherein the contents are subject to change without any prior notice for there are some information today that might not valid or accurate in the future. The Pinoy Mirror will try to keep the information up to date and correct, the author reserves the rights to edit or delete some comments submitted to this site without any further notice that it should be done in favor of the author by any other circumstances as such of offensive messages, attacks to the author and the likes. The author uses point and shoot camera as his premier medium.

Brief History

It all began with the simple talk about Filipino Style. The author's inspired through his Australian friend who shared about his experiences in the country last 2009 - taking pictures and making stories about it. It enables him to pursue such passion and do appreciate every picture of life. Through and by this, the author can promote and show the  Real Philippines. 

2009 Edition by Emman Alba.