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In the Philippines, Ukay Ukay refers to the imported garments from some charitable group to help refugees and calamity victims(Originally). In Visayan, Ukay ukay means "to dig up" and in Tagalog, it means "to dust off". Thus, you can find the best bargains by digging them out of the pile and dusting them off.
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Ukay Ukay

Exact Location: Punta, Tidman, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.
Rowing the Boat
Collecting Shells
Kids' Poise!
Fish Carrying Scene
Still FRY or not?
The Joy of Meals
Dividing Shares Equally
Kid's Life at Coastal Area of Surigao Province

In the Philippines, urinating anywhere is as normal as monkey-eating-banana... Sounds joke but it is true guys. Yes! usually for guys! Come to think about it! Hey! it is the same as throwing garbage into your own yard, it smells bad and attracts Vermin. Hello!

Pee Anywhere!

Lechon is a pig roast - considered the Philippines' premier Pork Dish of all time. In every occasion, Lechon is the Highlight of All.

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